Ice Balloons

by Ice Balloons

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released October 10, 2013



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Ice Balloons New York

Dixieland Jazz Wound

Dixieland jazz began it’s long neuroleptic march out of the backwoods and swamps of Louisiana before the Great War. A few banjo strings, a washboard, and a crude clarinet were often all that held together this common misinterpretation of psychosis led to an innovative new blend of sounds and mental illness. While reactions to the new class of drugs at first were mixed, they c ... more

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Track Name: hole in the ground
I am the slime mold under the staircase with cigarette butts and the pill bugs all dead, I am the grub worm inside your eyeball I keep a seashell that I don't understand spill the legs on the table of wine go talk to lola man she'll meet you outside she's eating wires and starting fires take a look there's no tear in her eyes call her name but don't hear a sound that's why I'm living in a hole in the ground
Track Name: dragonfly
she comes to ride the summer fields eyes bright shining crimson shields see the sunflowers get so high she's far above in the burning sky hunting for an unsuspecting meal writhing mind of the fugitive kind no point in asking her to stay dragonfly awa
Track Name: bridge of total freedom
Bada bop ba bop baaa, Little jeanie on your jetski don't you fly away from me, I can't see you through the ocean spray but I feel your cruelty
Track Name: child soldiers
everybody take a hand, and have that hand take another hand, everybody's hands come together as one hand that will cry out through the deep dark forest we are the war we are the children we are the ones who make a brighter day of night like magnesium flares falling over the compound
Track Name: release the ice balloons
release the ice balloons
Track Name: enry 8
i'm enry the 8, i spell it e r n y
Track Name: everybody's got about 90 miles to go
Everybody's got about 90 miles to go no no but not me I'm stuck in a bog I mean bar
Track Name: night slave
she never sleeps, the night slave. keeps driving around until the headlights shine on the marquee sign, bob evans. she never sleeps, she eats mush, mush, mush